A Message From BOYZ II MEN for the Hawken Class of 1994

Whether you were jamming to “Motown Philly” on your Discman when your parents made you stop playing Sonic and get outside on your inline skates, or you were trying to win back your first love with mix tapes of “It’s so Hard to Say Goodbye” and “End of the Road,” Boyz II Men provided the soundtrack for a good portion of our high school years. 

Sure, Kurt Cobain came along and we all bought flannels and got “edgy,” but Wanya Morris, Shawn Stockman, Nathan Morris and Michael McCary’s music remained a crowd favorite throughout the early 90s.

So, we figured if anyone could get all of you to hurry up and register for our 25th reunion, it would have to be Boyz II Men. 

Please take their advice and buy your tickets now!